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7.48หมื่น มุมมอง· 2019-10-15 เวลาเผยแพร่วิดีโอ· 526 เช่นหมายเลข· 66 จำนวนความคิดเห็น

Song : aaj ki raat naya chand leke aayi hai.. Film : Shaadi,1962, Singer: Lata Mangeshkar, Lyricist: Rajinder Krishan, Music Director: Chitragupt, Director: Krishnan Panju, Cast : Balraj Sahani,Indrani Mukharjee,Manoj Kumar,Saira Banu,Dharmendra,Om Prakash,Sulochana, Production Co: Bahar Films Combines, Lyrics : - aaj ki rat naya chand leke aayi hai aaj ki rat naya chand leke aayi hai chadni chhai hai jane kya layi hai, aankh sharmai hai aaj ki rat naya chand leke aayi hai koi jab dekhe idhar haye meri aankh jhuke koi jab dekhe idhar haye meri aankh jhuke chahu kuch kahna agar haye mera sans ruke rukta hai jo sans ruke jhukti hai jo aankh juke aaj ki rat naya chand leke aayi hai chadni chhai hai jane kya layi hai, aankh sharmai hai aaj ki rat naya chand leke aayi hai der se pyar hua chalo ji ho to gaya der se pyar hua chalo ji ho to gaya dil ko khona tha jaha chalo vaha kho to gaya khone bhi do kho jo gaya, hone bhi do ho jo gaya aaj ki rat naya chand leke aayi hai chadni chhai hai jane kya layi hai, aankh sharmai hai aaj ki rat naya chand leke aayi hai pyar ka unpe asar kya khabar hai ke nahi pyar ka unpe asar kya khabar hai ke nahi jo lagi aag idhar vo udhar hai ke nahi unko khabar hai ke nahi, unpe asar hai ke nahi aaj ki rat naya chand leke aayi hai chadni chhai hai jane kya layi hai, aankh sharmai hai aaj ki rat naya chand leke aayi hai... The life of an impoverished male undergoes drastic changes after he gets his siblings married. Storyline :- Belapur-based Ratan Ramprasad Malhotra lives an impoverished lifestyle along with his wife, Shanti; a sister, Gauri, and Bombay-based law student brother, Ramesh. He makes a lot of sacrifices, including mortgaging his property, in order to ensure the latter's education. Ramesh graduates with good grades, prompting Judge Motilal to get him married to his only child, Kala, on the condition that he move in with his family, which also includes his rather snobbish wife. The marriage takes place, Ramesh accordingly re-locates, while Gauri's wedding is arranged with Raja, the only son of parsimonious dowry-seeking widower Daulatram. Ratan and Ramesh agree to all dowry demands, and the marriage is arranged. On the day of the wedding, Ramesh does not show up, an enraged Daulatram not only humiliates Ratan but also cancels the wedding, and returns home with his son. With creditors lining up, Ratan is unable to handle the situation and becomes ill. Gauri then decides to travel to Bombay and ... Written by rAjOo User Reviews :- One of the many family dramas which were trademark of the 60s by neetivgarg In the movie industry, 60s is often called the golden era for some really path-breaking movies. Most notable among them, Guide, Jewel Thief, Woh Kaun Thi, Saheb Biwi Aur Ghulam, Mughal-E-Azam and so on. And then we have the usual run of the mill family dramas like Shaadi. Like every movie of this genre, we have an elder patriarch Ratan Malhotra (Balraj Sahni, spiffy performance, but then he's already done such roles dime a dozen]) and his wife Shanti (Sulochana, surprisingly solid, given most her roles are usually subdued). His happy household consists of his younger brother Ramesh (Dharmendra) and Gauri (Saira Banu). Ramesh marries Kala (Indrani), daughter of a rich, well placed judge. Gauri's marriage is fixed with the son Raja (Manoj Kumar) of greedy businessman Daulatram (Om Prakash). However due to unfortunate circumstances (a plane accident where he's lost his memory), Ramesh is unable to reach the wedding in time with the dowry money leading to Daulatram walking off immediately after culmination of the marriage rituals, with his son in the tow. Raja and Gauri meet in Bombay where Gauri realizes that Raja is her husband and wanting to make it big on his own. Ratan and Shanti on the other hand end up in Bombay in search of Gauri and face an embittered Kala, who blames them for Ramesh's amnesiac state, insults them and throws them out of the house. Ramesh recovers his memory and returns to his village only to realize that in his absence, his sister's wedding was called off due to lack of money and his older brother had to sell of their ancestral property to repay the loan. Holding Kala responsible, he separates and begins his search for his brother. Raja makes it big as an actor, his father learns a lesson about importance of relationships over money. Raja - Gauri - Ramesh - Kala - Ratan - Shanti have a reunion. Everyone lives happily ever after.

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